Welcome to L8ter G8tor!

I am a certified teacher providing a home educational based childcare program. I am located in the Byron area of London, Ontario. I provide each of my little g8tors nothing but the best head start for a lifetime of learning. I hope to see your little g8tor l8ter.

A little bit more about L8ter G8tor...

  • L8TER G8TOR increases Kindergarten Readiness by building social skills that ease the transition from home to school.
  • Promotes a Nurturing Atmosphere allowing each child to reach their optimal potential.
  • Environment parallels a kindergarten classroom by containing the same centers, but without the strict time schedules.
  • Learning becomes an enjoyable experience through Inquiry-Based acquisition.
  • Five children enrolled with one Qualified Professional who holds a double BA (in English and Psychology)and a Master of Science in Education

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